Bob's Entertainment Stand

A hidden compartment helps with cooling and unsightly cables.

SHOP OWNER: R.P. "Bob" Aspey

    These pictures are of an entertainment stand I made. I designed the unit based on the components I owned; with the requirements that it be as small as possible, be able to look good in a corner, and hide the wires.
    It spent a few months in the design stage, but I think I did a good job hiding the wires by creating a hidden compartment accessible thru the pop-open raised panel. This compartment also houses a three-inch box fan controlled by a thermostat. Except for holes placed in the board behind the components, the compartment is rather airtight. Pulling out the drawers allows easy access to the cable TV splitter and power strip. I made a cableway to keep the air leakage around the wires to a minimum.

Bob's Entertainment Stand Bob's Entertainment Stand

    The wood is Ponderosa Pine finished with a honey maple gel stain, followed by a coat of Zinsser SealCoat. Next, I aged the unit with a few dings and a bunch of pinholes. A liberal coat of a mixture of Brazilian rosewood and aged honey gel stains followed this. I left the stain in the holes and corners to give an aged appearance to the piece. The final step of the process was a coat of urethane varnish.
    I like to keep construction notes and take digital pictures of all construction details, including final installation. Once this was finished, I was required (by swmbo) to produce the rest of the room's furniture... pictures to follow.

. . . R.P. "Bob" Aspey

Bob's Entertainment Stand Bob's Entertainment Stand



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