Frank's Countertop Supports

You need support to be a one man show.

SHOP OWNER: Frank Grambo
LOCATION: Forest Hill, MD

    Working alone often demands improvising support systems to get the final product installed. Recently I ran into one of these quandaries. Each of the two legs of the countertop was over nine feet long. The weight is more than one man could handle.
Frank's Countertop Supports

    The solution involved making several exact height supports or "horses" and attaching them to the cabinets so I could slide the countertop into place after securing the field joint.
Frank's Countertop Supports

    The trick was using pieces of step flashing. I secured it to the sides of the horses and to the top front edge of the base cabinets to hold the horses in place while doing the preliminary work on the joint. This permitted quick and invisible removal after the counter top was in place.
Frank's Countertop Supports

    The aluminum strips were unscrewed from the sides of the horses. Then I cut the connection to the cabinet top edge free at the interface between the bottom of the countertop and the top vertical face of the base cabinets. I made the cuts with a utility knife, rendering the remainder of the flashing invisible after securing the countertop to the base cabinets.

. . . Frank Grambo



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