Bud's First Project

This retired engineer enjoys a challenge.

SHOP OWNER: Walter "Bud" Segl
LOCATION: Orwigsburg, PA

    I've always been up for a challenge, especially when it comes to woodworking techniques. My first carving project, the carved eagle at left, started out with my fascination with linenfold carving and gold leaf. I really admired the talent of Grinling Gibbons. His technique of building up, or layering, his complex works was the key insight to carving the eagle and folds in the flag behind it.
Linenfold Detail
    This eagle is a copy of one by John Haley Bellamy. It has about a 4-ft. wingspan. I was captivated by the aesthetics of the original when I saw it in the Peabody Museum in Salem, MA. Bellamy was noted for his hundreds of eagle carvings, the largest of which, a figurehead, is on display at the Mariners Musuem in Norfolk, VA. It weighs in at 3200 lbs. and has a 19-ft. wingspread!

Eagle Detail
The eagle is mounted above the mantle on the brick wall which was part of a family room we added some years back. I had no idea when I started it that it would go there, but it didn't look right in the location I originally intended.
Bud's Porker


    The carved pig at right, which appeared on the WoodCentral messageboard recently, was my second attempt at carving. It was motivated by the fellow who gave me the basswood for the eagle and said "call if you need guidance." I had bought a carousel lion that he had carved and thought to myself, "I can do this." His son had carved a pig, which my wife saw and nagged me to try after the eagle was complete, so I did. I'm now working on a whimsical goat (below), which is also patterned after a piece by the famous German carver, Gustav Dentzel.

. . . Bud Segl

Linenfold Detail


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