Diamond Collection - Side Table

Stunning quilted maple veneer and unusually tapered legs highlight this design.

SHOP OWNER: HC "Chico" Sakman
LOCATION: Victoria, BC, Canada

    Here is another one of my "Diamond Collection" pieces, a side table made of quilted maple veneer on Baltic birch ply, along with hard maple, western fiddleback maple, spalted/figured western maple, and ebony.
    The legs are unusual, tapering diagonally at the corners, instead of on the sides. I tapered them on a jointer.
Diamond Collection - Side Table

    The drawer sides are Cuban mahogany, salvaged from a 200-year-old Hudson Bay Co. building in Montreal or Quebec. The wood came from old baseboards! The drawers have the usual narrow pin, hand-cut, half-blind dovetails at the front and through dovetails at the back. The cockbeading around the drawer fronts is 1/4-inch square.
    The drawer bottoms are solid western figured/spalted maple. I made all three bottoms from the same board, so the grain is continuous from one drawer to the next. They are 7/16" thick, with a raised-panel detail on the underside creating the tongues. They slide in from the back of the drawers.
    The ebony knobs are two pieces. The posts are turned and set in round mortises, with a 1/8-inch dowel pin to prevent them from turning freely. I tapped the finished knobs for the 8-32 screws that connect them to the drawer fronts.
Diamond Collection - Side Table

    Frankly, the maple arches with ebony spacers were an afterthought. I was not happy with the leg taper angles, and the legs were looking too blunt; so I decided these arches would visually take that bluntness away. I think I nailed it, though that would be open to discussion.
    The ebony string inlay in the top is 1/16-inch square. I think this size makes it look much more elegant and refined than 1/8-inch wide string inlay.



  Diamond Collection - Side Table

    The table is not finished yet! I am planning to use my usual mixture of wipe-on polyurethane/Varathane/toluene/linseed oil and Japan dryer. There will be seven or eight coats in all, hand-rubbed, not brushed.

. . . H. C. Sakman, a.k.a. "Chico"



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