Dan Minzner's Armoire

Lacquer and homemade glazes give this finish its dramatic depth.

SHOP OWNER: Dan Minzner
LOCATION: Quakertown, PA

    Here is a shot of an armoire I recently built. The construction is all traditional, using poplar and maple solids. The curved corners of the crown were made by utilizing a split-turning technique.

    To achieve the dramatic painted finish, I begin by laying down a base coat of white lacquer followed by a topcoat of clear acrylic lacquer. Then, I apply several layers of glaze, which I make from boiled linseed oil and dry pigments. Each coat of glaze is sealed with another coat of clear lacquer. What gives this finish its depth is the many layers of glazing and topcoating.

    It's important that the glaze is not too wet when applied; it should be the consistancy of hand cream. Using a large, soft brush, I apply the glaze to all areas of the piece, then remove most of it with a soft rag, leaving some of the pigment behind. I let the glaze dry briefly before applying the lacquer.

    The pigments I use are available through D.O. Siever Products (215 538 3886).

    Although this was not the most exciting piece I've ever made, it still was a lot of fun to make something I hadn't done before.

...Dan Minzner




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