Drew's Computer Desk Set

Designed for easy access to A/V connections and media storage.

SHOP OWNER: Drew McManus

    Here's a fun project that has been a year in the making. It's a desk set consisting of a monitor stand, Audio/Visual port, printer stand, and a pair of speaker stands with media storage. I used my roundover bits quite a lot as I love the way the grain on butternut "spills" over a rounded edge. Everything is wood on wood joinery, no screws, or nails and finished with several coats of Bartley's satin gel finish. I purchased all of the butternut at Groff & Groff in Quarryville, PA. Everything was done here at my shop in Bel Air, MD. Drew's Monitor Stand

  Drew's Monitor Stand

    The monitor stand project was first and grew from the frustration of having to reach behind my computer one too many times. I decided to simply mount the A/V jacks in a stand. All I had to do was to come up with a cool design for the stand. I wanted to include something with a curve but since I do not own a band saw, it would have to be done with a belt sander and a router table. I picked up the A/V jacks at a local electronics store. Overall, the lumber cost less than the A/V jacks did and the entire project was under $30. The power strip is a rack-mounted unit, which I mortised into the legs.

  Drew's Speaker Stand Drew's Speaker Stand

    The speaker stand case is 100% solid butternut and joined using the Porter Cable 12" dovetail jig. Why use half blind dovetails to join the box? For me, it was practice. I keep CD's and diskettes in one box and a scanner, Motorola "Talkabouts" and recordable CD's in the other.
Drew's Printer Stand

    The top and side pieces of the printer stand are solid butternut and the two vertical dividers are solid cypress. It's all joined with #20 biscuits, the top has a 1/4" roundover profile, and the front elevation has been profiled with a 1/8" roundover bit. I cut all the profiles on the router table. The horizontal shelf is set on Blum self-closing slides to facilitate getting paper and labels out easily.
    When all's said and done, I think the contrast between the light cypress and darker butternut works well and I ended up with a functional, good looking desk set that does precisely what I need it to do. Is it great to be a woodworker or what?

. . . Drew McManus



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