Chico's Diamond

... but not in the rough.

SHOP OWNER: Chico Sakman
LOCATION: Victoria, BC, Canada

    This piece is the first one of my newly designed group I call "The Diamond Collection." It was inspired by (and evolved from) one of my old designs. (See table and detail photos below.) I used the same quilted maple on both pieces, sawn to 1/4" thickness and glued with Gorilla poly and Titebond-II glue. Unfortunately, there was some damage in the middle of the quilted maple board I was using, so I did what I could to salvage it -- which is why the grain is running vertically on the door, spoiling the harmony.

Chico's Diamond Table
Drawer Pull Detail


    I glued up each of the knobs from two pieces of ebony, then I drilled and tapped them for #8-32 machine screws. I let them into shallow mortises to prevent them from turning freely.
    The hinge on the door is very unique. It's kinda like a knife hinge, but it pivots an inch or so away from the door opening. The hinge is made up of pieces of 1/4" steel dowel inside 1/2"-OD oil-impregnated bronze bushings inside the upper and lower frame members as well as the top and bottom of the door. The door's opening and closing action is very smooth, kinda like an S500's door. ;-) [C'mon, Chico. Woodworkers don't drive Mercedes!]There is also a veneer-covered magnetic catch.

    The side corbels have small ebony diamond pegs at their lower ends. You can't see it in the picture, but I tried to make the back as visually appealing as the other three sides.
    The top...well that's something else. It's from a beautiful maple crotch, which is pretty rare to find intact without voids and other major flaws -- at least the pieces I've encountered. I saved this particular piece from being burned; it was almost buckled in two. The ebony inlays are all 1/8" thick and square.
     More pieces in this series will follow....later.

. . . H.C. "Chico" Sakman



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