Blanket Chest

Looks like Paul's been busy in his shop!

SHOP OWNER: Paul Blackwell
Blanket Chest

    Here are some of the projects I've completed since I sent in the Toys for Adults some time back. The walnut blanket chest is a wedding present for a nephew. It's a modification of one I found in the book, "Treasure Chests" by Lon Schleining.

    The kaleidoscope was a Christmas gift for my wife, and came from a plan available from Cherry Tree Toys. It involved quite a bit of lathe work. Although I don't consider myself much of a hand at turning, I think it did turn out rather well. Kaleidoscope

    The most difficult part was the hollow tube to hold the mirrors. It's about 10 inches long by 2 inches in diameter. I first drilled 1- inch diameter holes in two-inch thick blocks and glued them together to form the hollow blank. The walls are about -inch thick and it was tricky to turn. The object box fits over the cylinder and turns by a series of wooden gears cut on the scroll saw. The center spindle was too long to fit between my lathe centers, and had to be made in three pieces. The overall height is 40 inches.
Hi-Trac Dozer

    The hi-trac dozer is by far the most time consuming and intricate project I've made. I lost track of the number of hours, but it was a lot. It has about 450 parts all made by hand except for wheels and axel pegs. It measures 18 inches long and the blade is 10 inches wide. The woods are primarily mahogany and walnut. I used the cove cutting technique on the table saw to shape the dozer's blade. Floatplane

    I like the floatplane because it actually looks like a plane. It's made of laminated purpleheart and maple with walnut floats. The 1928 Ahrens-Fox fire truck and the farm truck are two of my favorites. The tilt construction trailer is made of many types of wood, which when glued together and milled to thickness with the Performax sander, works great. That and the skid steer loader are for a customer with a landscape business.
1928 Ahrens-Fox Fire Truck Farm Truck
Tilt Construction Trailer Skid Steer Loader
Steam Locomotive Wooden Locks

    The steam locomotive again involves lots of lathe work and fabricated completely in the shop, including the spoked drive wheels. The wooden locks are fun to make. The lighter wood is quarter-sawn sycamore with beautiful ray patterns. I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed making them.

. . . Paul Blackwell



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