Alan's Bed

A special gift inspired by the Arts and Crafts style.

SHOP OWNER: Alan Young
LOCATION: Ypsilanti, MI

    I designed and built this bed as a wedding gift for my daughter and her husband. The bed, which is red oak and black walnut, has a general Arts and Crafts look to it. Alan's Bed

    For the headboard and footboard frames I used mortise and tenon construction. Biscuits and dowels join the posts for the head and footboards to the frames. The finish is three coats of Tung Oil Varnish and two coats of canned shellac.
Alan's Bed Alan's Bed

    Each post has a red oak block wrapped in black walnut at the top. A rosette detail in black walnut is joined to the middle detail with a strip of black walnut, which in turn wraps around the headboard about halfway up the post.
Alan's Bed Alan's Bed

    The post ends in a simple foot comprised of a smaller red oak block, again wrapped in black walnut.
    The middle of the headboard has two black walnut rosette details that appear to grow out of the frame stiles.
Alan's Bed Alan's Bed

    The top post of the footboard is different from that of the headboard only in size of the red oak block and the black walnut strip that runs to the foot. The footboard post ends in a slight chamfer and bevel wrapped in black walnut where it meets the red oak block, which also has the black walnut accent band.

. . . Alan Young



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