Sherwood Hawthorne's bedroom suite.

..and that isn't all this retiree has been up to...

SHOP OWNER: Sherwood Hawthorne
LOCATION: Pineville, LA

    I am a retired carpenter and Baptist preacher. My wife and I have never had any fine furniture in our forty years of marriage, so I built this oak bedroom suite this past year. I started it last fall and finished it this summer. During that time, I also had bypass surgery that laid me up for about three months.
Sherwood's bedroom furniture


    I spent a lot of time sanding each piece, starting with 100-grit and going all the way to 600-grit. Then I stained everything with an oil stain and applied a tung oil finish.
    It was a labor of love. Now my wife wants a highboy to go with it.


Sherwood's grandfather clock.
    At left is a picture of a grandfather clock I built last year. It was my first try at building one. It is my own design. It too is finished with oil stain and tung oil finish.

    And, below is a picture of a solid maple island I built for a friend of my wife. She wanted raised panel doors and a finish to match her birch plywood kitchen cabinets.

. . . Sherwood Hawthorne

Kitchen island under construction.




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