Kurt's Curio Cabinet

CAD, carving, and cherry create classic elegance.

SHOP OWNER: Kurt Allen
LOCATION: Powder Springs, GA

    This curio cabinet is one of two identical units. I did all of the casework for both at the same time. Since the carving takes so long, I decided to go ahead and finish this one up first. My wife has been asking for a curio cabinet for years and it took her less than five minutes to fill this one up.

  CAD Drawing

    I designed the cabinet using a CAD program called Inventor. All components were built individually and then assembled in 3D using an adaptive process. This allowed me to change a dimension (i.e. - midway through I changed the width from 40" to 36") and the entire assembly updated automatically. The 3D model can be rotated and viewed from any angle. When I had the design the way I liked it, I generated a full set of blueprints and headed down to the shop. If you compare the 3D drawing to the finished unit you'll see I made some changes, but nothing major.
Kurt's Curio Cabinet

    The cabinet is 5/4 and 8/4 solid cherry, and built using mortise and tenon joinery. The first question everyone asks about the carvings is whether they are applied. They are hand carved into the face and then I use a router to remove the rest. The front legs have a combined length of 12 feet of a vine and leaf pattern carved into them. I found I averaged about three inches an hour.
    It has been a real pleasure to work on this project so far, and it's only half done! I've been told that I have until Christmas to finish the second unit. I guess my wife has a lot more curios that need a home. I wish I knew where she was getting all of them, but I'm worried that if I start asking too many questions she might want to know about the shaper I just HAD to have to make that curved molding!

. . . Kurt Allen

Kurt's Curio Cabinet Kurt's Curio Cabinet



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