Alan's Nightstand

Featuring a mixture of styles and design.

SHOP OWNER: Alan Young
LOCATION: Ypsilanti, MI

    The first table is a little nightstand that I built for one of my brothers. He and his wife needed a small table for the bedside. I designed this table to match the Mission style furniture in their bedroom.
Alan's Nightstand Alan's Nightstand

    The top features breadboard ends. The drawers have shop-made Walnut pulls. I stained the nightstand to match their existing furniture, applied Minwax Antique Oil Finish, and two coats of shellac.
Suspension Table

    The second table, I designed and built as a wedding gift for my niece. The main feature is the drawer case suspended from the four legs but independent from the top. The legs are four stairway balusters. The case that holds the drawer is cherry. The drawer front is quartersawn red oak with shop-made maple pulls. The top is solid oak with breadboard ends. Suspension Table
Troubadour Table Troubadour Table

    The third table is one I designed and built for my brother-in-law, Mark Anzelon, who is an Associate Artist for World Vision. Mark gives concerts of the music he has written and listeners have the opportunity to sponsor a needy child through this organization. The design gives him a place to hold his guitar picks and a glass of water while he performs.
    The table's dimensions are 22" along each side of the top, the height is approximately 24" and the width of the legs is 18".
    The top is mahogany veneered to MDF with black walnut edge banding and decorative rosettes and trim pieces. The finish on the top is Watco Black Walnut Danish Oil and Spar Varnish. The legs and base pieces are red oak and black walnut. The finish for the base is Tung Oil and Shellac.

. . . Alan Young



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