Chris DeHut's Display Stand

Exotic woods frame a lovely glass sculpture.

LOCATION: Algonquin, IL

    Sometimes you just get the urge to construct something you have never thought you possibly could do. I decided to give glass carving a try and it sure is fun.
    The woods for the stand are: Wenge, Maple, and Padauk. The case is MDF and veneered with the woods listed. All of the veneers were cut in the shop rather than purchased. I don't think I will ever try to mill my own Padauk veneer again - 5 band saw blades to cut the veneer to cover this thing.
    The finish is oil-urethane wiped on. The Padauk being so oily caused some drying problems with the oil based finish, but a quick call to the manufacturer to get some good advice solved the problem quickly.
    The glass is 20" in diameter and the complete sculpture is about 6 feet tall. The glass carving is done with sand blasting equipment and takes some time but the results are very dramatic. The glass, which is 3/8" thick, is side lighted with a light fixture housed just behind the breast area of the case.
    The image carved into the glass (1/4" deep) is from a photograph of a cypress tree that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. While the tree may not mean too much to you folks, it is near the area where my wife and I were married, so the meaning for us is special.
    Not sure if I would consider it "art," but it sure was a lot of fun learning the new techniques involved in it's creation.

. . . Chris DeHut

[EDITOR'S NOTE: For the whole story of the construction of this piece, visit Chris's website.]



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