Barbara's Mercury Lathe.

A simple headstock conversion brings sharpening within reach.

SHOP OWNER: Barbara Gill

    I have wanted a Mercury lathe ever since I heard they were coming on the market, but I decided to wait until they increased the motor size. Well, that happened recently, so I just bought one from Woodcraft during their sale several weeks ago.
    I was attracted to this lathe because it was truly a portable and it had variable speed. I wanted it because it's the perfect lathe to start teaching my granddaughter on; and, since it is so portable, it will also be perfect to use for demos -- when I am good enough -- and to take on trips if I choose.
    One of the problems I could see with using the lathe for demonstrations away from home was the difficulty and expense of keeping the tools sharp. I didn't want the hassle of taking a grinder with me. It occurred to me that since the faceplate will screw on either side of the headstock, I could probably use the outboard side for sharpening. That is what I have done.
    I bought another "V" arm from Oneway for my Wolverine jig, turned a holly disc with an arbor for the stone, drilled it on the lathe, and attached the stone using a bolt, washer and wing nut. I got some advice from Fred Holder about the actual nuts and bolts of attaching the stone. I have to true the stone a little more often than usual, but it works like gang busters.
    Now all I need is another 3" faceplate for turning. :-)

. . . Barbara Gill



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