Cedar Chest Lid

Cedar Chest
Featuring router-made 3D carving.

LOCATION: Alexandria, LA

    While waiting for a shipment of wood I had ordered from a local mill, my wife asked me to make her a cedar chest. I already had a set of plans from Hartville Tools. Because I wanted to make the chest out of solid cedar with different measurements, I made some changes to the plans. I changed the dimensions from (42" x 23 1/4" x 17") to (42" x 28" x 19"). I also changed the plans from the chest having three drawers to two.
John's Cedar Chest

    I used ordinary side mount drawer slides purchased from Lowe's. Both drawer boxes were constructed using dovetail joinery all the way around. I attached separate drawer fronts to the boxes. For the lid, I purchased Rockler's hinge and lid support combination. Using it eliminated the need for a hinge.
    The carvings were done using Jesada's 3D carving bit and patterns. For those interested, using this system requires a plunge router with a " collet, Jesada's 3D carving bit, and the purchase of a holding frame and pattern from Jesada. The average routing time per pattern is only about eight to ten minutes. I highly recommend it.
    Finally, I put three coats of Minwax semi gloss polyurethane on all the exterior surfaces.
John's Cedar Chest

    Thanks for such an enjoyable Website. It's about the only one I take the time to visit. I am a novice woodworker (less than 3 years). Several times, I've needed advice and your message board was the only place I had to turn.

. . . John Coco



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