Tansu Entertainment Center

Adds a distinctive look to any room.

SHOP OWNER: Drew McManus

    The entertainment center tansu frame is made entirely from solid Australian lacewood. The side panel frame and front door frame are solid padauk. The bottom drawer fronts are solid tiger maple, and the side panels are 1/4" rock maple faced plywood.
    The front door panels are Nomex paper, which is very inexpensive and much more durable than either rice paper or even fiberglass rice paper. Unfortunately it only comes in the color you see and it has "DuPont Nomex Paper" printed about every 12" in green on one side. Another upshot of the Nomex is that it is 100% waterproof! There is no stain used and all pieces are covered in three coats of hand applied Bartley's Satin Gel Finish. The five interior shelves are all mounted on Blum style slides to facilitate accessing the rear of A/V equipment from the front of the unit. The two bottom drawers can hold DVD, CD, Game Station Cassettes, or VHS tapes. The large television is a 40" Sony Flat Screen, so weight, and size are not much of an issue. Tansu Entertainment Center
    I drew the plans from scratch and custom fit most of shelves to the individual A/V pieces. The unit was built for my brother-in-law and is currently at his home in Alexandria, VA. All of the lumber was purchased from Groff & Groff in Parkville, PA. All basic power and hand tools were used, including a mini biscuit joiner to join the interior parts of the front doors. All joints are wood on wood, not a screw or nail to be found! The overall dimensions are 54"w x 27"d x 28.5"h.
Tansu Filing Box

    The small filing cabinet is something I made from scrap in the shop, and gave to my wife. The frame is solid red oak, the panels are 1/4" red oak plywood, and the panel trim is solid purpleheart. It has two interior dividers and the overall dimensions are 15.5"w x 7.5"d x 8.5"h. I am currently building another tansu box like this but to use as a cat feeder. Everything was constructed here in Bel Air, Maryland.

. . . Drew McManus



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