Kap's Town Hall

They look so real, you want to walk right in.

SHOP OWNER: Kap Stanfield

    I have always been into crafts. Creating, of any kind, will keep me happy. It wasn't until I was able to quit my full-time job and stay home with my sons that I started painting watercolors of people's homes. In the late 80's there was a customer who asked if I could paint a front view of a house on a board. It was to be cut out in the shape of the house and used as a key holder for a housewarming gift. This was the beginning.
    Over the years they've gone from flat to so 3D looking that you feel like walking into them. My husband showed me how to use a router and I was on my way. The three tools I can't live without are my (notice it's not HIS) router, scroll saw and I'm on my 5th Dremel tool. The last part of each piece is the landscaping, which I carve out of balsa wood with the Dremel tool before I paint them. Herndon, VA Town Hall
    I'm originally from Northern Virginia where I rented a booth at the annual Herndon Festival for about three years. For a sample, I carved the Herndon Town Hall (see above photo), the old Herndon depot, and other old buildings that people recognized. I'd hand out my business cards and from this I'd end up getting about 15 or 20 orders that kept me busy until the next show.
    Since moving to Texas in 1993, I've only shown samples at a few craft shows in the area. One customer, from Granger Texas, gave me some photos of the family's home and barn that had recently been bulldozed to make way for a highway. When she came to pick them up she was in tears. I had it down to the last missing piece of railing on the front porch.
    The most recent one I've done was one of my own choosing. I fell in love with "The Broken Spoke", an old dancehall and restaurant here in Austin. I'd like to eventually sell it to the owner. They seem to make great heirlooms for passing down to the next generation.

. . . Kap Stanfield



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