Greg's Queen Anne Desk

Four months of well-spent time in the shop.

SHOP OWNER: Greg Brunk
LOCATION: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

    These are pictures of my winter project. I started in November and, working evenings and weekends, completed it in March. It is a Queen Anne Desk/Vanity that was made from walnut with drawers of poplar. I used Norman Vandal's "Queen Anne Furniture" book as my reference. The design was my own using the Queen Anne Lowboy as inspiration while expanding on that. Greg's Queen Anne Desk
    This was my first attempt at making Cabriole legs, and a very rewarding one at that. Also, this was my first try at hand cut dovetails. After the first couple, the process went much easier. With the exception of the top, which was attached with six screws, all the assembly was done completely with mortise and tenon, and dovetail joinery. I also carved my first shell, which was attached front and center, and mortised a lock for the center drawer. Greg's Queen Anne Desk
    The finish was ten coats clear shellac padded on for the base unit and ten coats of Antique Oil Finish for the top. My next project will be a Mary Hoyt wedding chest, shown in Norman Vandal's book, in cherry for my son as a wedding gift. I'm looking forward to working with cherry.

. . . Greg Brunk



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