Table / Nightstand

This frugal father and woodworker keeps costs down and his daughters in furniture.

SHOP OWNER: Jimmy Walker
LOCATION: Lumberton, MS

    These are photos of some recent work I did for my daughters. One lives in Fresno and the other in San Diego, CA. My wife and I just delivered these things to them in April. Table / Nightstand
    The table is really a nightstand for my youngest daughter, Amy. She said she was tired of using an open drawer in her chest of drawers to sit her alarm clock on! I came up with a very simple design. The aprons and divider are mahogany and the top pieces are quartersawn oak. The tops have a 1/4-inch rabbet cut around the top edges. The aprons and dividers have a -inch dado to accept the tops. Two different types of mahogany were used for the legs. The table stands 22" tall, is 18" wide, and 24" long. For the finish, I hand rubbed in four coats of tung oil.
Lamp Lamp

    The lamp is for my oldest daughter, Jenny. It is made from the pieces left over from cutting the tapers on the legs for the table. They were just lying in the scrap bucket and I hated to waste them. I pulled them out of the bucket and played around with them for a few minutes before coming up with what you see. I grabbed a couple of clamps, ran in the house and took a shade off a lamp, set it on top and said, "that'll work"! The base is also made from mahogany. Like the table, this lamp also has four coats of hand rubbed tung oil. It took three trips to the store to come up with just the right lampshade.
Cutting Board

    This cutting board was made for Jenny's boyfriend, who is a great chef. It is made from mahogany and the design is simple. The feet are just some scraps of oak and mahogany I glued up and cut out.
    All of these projects were made with scraps found in dumpsters, cabinet shops, and some packing crates. When I can, I believe in using whatever I can scrounge up. If you can use up what someone else throws away, it helps preserve our resources!

. . . Jimmy Walker



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