Chico's Armoire

A tapered line and quarter-sawn white oak give this armoire a special look.

SHOP OWNER: HC "Chico" Sakman
LOCATION: Victoria, BC, Canada

    This armoire's design evolved from my tapered end tables' design. It was somewhat difficult to built, especially matching all the joint lines of the panels, and book matching, etc. Since the outer frame is the foundation of the cabinet and everything else is built on it, any minor movement of horizontal members can easily throw the whole cabinet out of line.
Chico's Armoire

    The back panel is removable in case the TV's tube is too deep. I used hand cut dovetails on the drawers, and some half-lap dovetail joinery in some carcass parts around the drawers. The drawer sides are 1/2" yew, and drawer bottoms and backs are western curly maple.
Chico's Armoire

    The top is designed to accommodate a center speaker and storing other items like old tapes, booklets, etc. Since this is built for the storeowner, in other words, for the floor, I left the inside blank, but included a shelving options booklet to accommodate different possible uses.

    All the vertical panels are continuous from top to bottom and each side is book matched from 8/4 slabs. These panels are 3/8" thick. In the front, as you can see, I kept the joint line with wenge butterflies as the centerline despite the offset lower doors. The front panels came from some awesome curly quartersawn white oak. In my experience, it's usually very easy to lose the "book match" effect in quarter-sawn white oak. My guess is because its grain changes so fast and flakes are not deep at all, thus disabling the book matching effect. As the continuous flakes indicate, the middle stiles of both front upper and lower doors were ripped from the same board. The hardware is cast bronze Arts and Crafts style from Lee Valley. The sliding pocket door hardware for the upper door is Accuride. All the pegs and butterflies are made from wenge.
Chico's Armoire

. . . H. C. Sakman, a.k.a. "Chico"



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