Mesquite Seahorses

Marion White's story is one of both tragedy and inspiration.

SHOP OWNER: Marion White
LOCATION: Corpus Christi, TX

    I've been carving since 1996. I usually carve my works in mesquite wood. The seahorses are carved out of a piece of mesquite with broken edges. These broken edges help create the sea grass behind them. The seahorses are carved in place, not glued in or added on.
Carving Knives

    Most of the work was done with a carving knife that I made from a Shrade 152 sharp finger-skinning knife. After the seahorse sculpture won an award in McAllen, Texas, I decided to reproduce them in bronze. I had a mold made and now plan to make an addition fifty. I added the third horse, an after thought, to add balance to the piece. The original seahorses were given many coats of hand rubbed lacquer to bring out the natural color of the mesquite. Bronze Seahorses
Newspaper Article

    On November 11, 2001 the Corpus Christi Caller Times published a story about me titled: "An angel's blessing". You can read my story and about my sculpture, "Resurrection", online at the Corpus Christi Caller Times' Website.
Jewel of the Marsh

    The sculpture, "Jewel of the Marsh", is another award winner. It was carved from a single piece of driftwood I found on the beach. It took 57 days and nights to complete. I used every tool that would, could, and should cut wood. It stands 42" high and is part of a "Y" to extend the neck beyond the base. I do not have a clue what kind of wood it is because of all the different types that wash up on the beach. After sanding it to 600 grit, I applied many coats of lacquer. The final coat is a mixture of lacquer retarder and a very small amount of lacquer.
Singing Sea Captain

    The "Singing Sea Captain" is a class project that I teach at the Art Center For The Islands in Port Aransas, Texas. It starts out as a 2 x 2 block of basswood. The one in the picture is bronze. It takes beginners two or three classes to finish them.
Wizard and the Owl

    Also an award-winning piece, "The Wizard and the Owl" sculpture is made from a cypress knee. The cane in his hand was added in. It's made of ebony root and was carved entirely with a knife. The finish is a hand rubbed lacquer.
November Show Dispaly

    Here is a picture of my booth during the November show at the Art Center. The display includes some of the knives I make and a red fish I call "Spoon Catcher". The fish is made from black walnut, the spoon is real, the base is ebony root, and the bottom is mesquite. I never had the chance to show this piece because it sold the day I finished it! Spoon Catcher

. . . Marion White



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