Steve's Birdhouses

Here's a variety of shop-built woodworking projects.

SHOP OWNER: Steve Schefer
LOCATION: Santa Rosa, CA

    The creation of these birdhouses originated with a challenge from a craftsperson. She wanted something that could be taken apart and cleaned each year. To accomplish this I used stopped dados, locked miters, and splined miter joints.
    The birdhouse on the right was for my mail carrier. The one on the left sold for 85.00 at a crafts show. I used it to make templates and now produce a kit that sells for $25. The wood I use is scrap hemlock fir that I get from local construction sites for free.
Steve's Table

    This table was an accident. I had ordered clear primed Douglas fir 2x4's but primed finger jointed spruce was delivered instead. Once I noticed the mistake, I decided to resaw it to get rid of the primer. The finish is BLO in this picture, but I later added six coats of wipe on poly.
    My father gave me the planes you see here. They are Stanley planes that I cleaned up and tried to salvage. In the end, I decided to have them brass plated and give them back to him as mantle pieces.
Steve's Table

    This marble table was quite a challenge. Trying to find a wood that would not flex over the 27 -inch distance between the thin legs proved difficult. The top weighs 150 pounds and is attached to the table with blocks secured to the marble with JB welds, concrete and wood epoxy. Except for the black lacquered legs, the table is unfinished in this picture. It will receive three coats of BLO and a couple of coats of satin wipe-on poly. It's a little difficult to see, but there are drawers centered on both sides. It will be used as a chess and checkers game table. The top is 45" x 27" x 1 1/4" with a 1/2" chamfer. The chamfer makes it look more delicate than it is. The only way to present it correctly was with the thin legs.
Steve's Shop

    Finally, here's a recent picture of my shop. There have been some additions, like a new router tabletop and a compound miter saw station, but other than that it's pretty much like you see it here. That's real sawdust on the floor and a dust collection system is my next tool purchase priority.

. . . Steve Schefer



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