Art Liebeskind's Cabinet

This curly cherry cabinet was inspired by Modernist master, Mies Van Der Rohe.

SHOP OWNER: Art Liebeskind
LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

    This is a piece I recently designed and built to order for a classic Mies Van Der Rohe condominium on North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. In this less-than-perfect photo, the chair in the foreground is a Mies "Barcelona" chair.
     Mies was a master architect, known for his signature skyscraper apartment houses and the heavy black frames of his windows. His straight-line modernism is famous, and I felt that this cabinet could have been designed by him. At any rate it looked like it grew there, and some other residents are talking about ordering other pieces.
    I call the cabinet "The Chicago Storage Unit," and it stands about 7 feet tall. Each cubicle is 24 in. X 24 in. X 16 in., veneered with curly cherry veneer. The finish is four coats of water-white lacquer followed by three coats of Bartley's natural for warmth. The dividers are black-dyed Costela (Venezuela) with clear lacquer. It is all frameless Euro construction, and the back is finished like the front so that it can be used as a room divider if desired.
    I am an engineering consultant, not a professional woodworker; but, at age 69, I would switch professions if we get a few more orders for this piece. My shop is in my garage and is reasonably equipped. We always wish for more room and equipment, but we can do what we need to with it.


. . . Art Liebeskind



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