Tony's Hall Tree

Beautiful crotch veneer, hand carving, and the helpful folks at WoodCentral.

SHOP OWNER: Tony Leonard
LOCATION: Arlington, TN

    I really appreciate all the help and encouragement I have received at WoodCentral. Here is the most recent project I completed with help from the WC folks regarding several issues.
    This mahogany hall tree is my own design. I got my inspiration from some antiques I have seen, and a book by Asher Benjamin. I drew the design in Intellicad. For the medallion, I sketched one quadrant of it, scanned it, and then traced it in Intellicad.


    This project represented some new challenges for me. This is the first time I made veneered panels or did any carving, other than practice. I made a fairly simple jig for cutting the dentil molding. The molding around the panels on the bottom was a bit tricky.
Dentil Molding

    The crotch veneer came from Certainly Wood, the mahogany came from Colco in Memphis, and the hooks came from a place in England called "Knobs and Knockers" - no kidding! I purchased the mirror from a local glass shop.
    The finish on the panels is McClosky varnish, and the rest is Minwax Antique oil. I still need to rub it out, but I'm chicken! The stain is a custom mixture of aniline dyes from Lee Valley (my secret mix! - i.e. I can't remember the colors though I did write them down).
    The wall where it will be installed dictated the size. It attaches to the wall via four brackets that you screw through. The top slides off for moving and installation. This was a long project, but one that was fun. I'm glad it's in the house now.


. . . Tony Leonard

Crotch Veneered Panels Mirror



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