Duplex Birdhouse

A 25 year absence from woodworking comes to an end.

SHOP OWNER: Randy Burbank
LOCATION: Kimberly, Idaho

    I have been away from woodworking for the last 25 years. While I was "gone", my hobbies included gardening, automotive restoration, and welding. Recently, however, I have been selling my unused shop tools and reinvesting in woodworking tools.
    The  duplex birdhouse (pictured left) is made from recycled cedar fence boards (my own fence). The ridge cap is copper.
Jigsaw Case


    Here is a simple box or carrying case I made for a new jigsaw I recently picked up. Notice that I made no attempt to hide my mistake in the choice of filler material I used.
Copper-Roofed Birdhouse


    This all-copper-roofed birdhouse was the first wood project I made after my long absence from woodworking. What's more important perhaps, is this is the one that started it all - my transition from metal to wood - hence the copper roof.
Southwest Farms Birdhouse


    The "Southwest Farms" birdhouse was made from a modified set of plans I found on the Internet. I built this as a present for my son's future mother-in-law. I used the recycled cedar fencing here again.
Metal Crow and Gate


    The last picture has nothing to do with wood, but shows a welded steel gate with a welded metal crow perched above that stands sentry over my front yard.
    I think my woodworking skills are still behind my metalworking skills, but I intend to keep trying!

. . . Randy Burbank



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