Chris Knob's Cherry Hutch

Shop made veneer and moldings really enhance this project.

SHOP OWNER: Chris Knob
LOCATION: Wallingford, PA

    These are shots of a cherry hutch I recently completed. The inspiration for this hutch came from a photo of a similar hutch offered at Altefer's auction. The "tiger stripe" cherry panels in the cabinet sides and the doors were sliced from an eleven-inch wide board. I used a Jet 14 inch bandsaw with a riser block and outfitted with a Woodslicer blade. The veneers were laminated to plywood substrate panels using a vacuum veneer press.

  Altefer's Auction Photo

Altefer's Auction Original Photo

Cherry Crown Molding

    The crown molding was milled from 12/4 cherry stock sliced in half at a 45-degree angle on the bandsaw. The cove was milled using a horizontal crown-molding bit with matching details milled at the edges. The ogee bracket feet were milled from 6/4 stock using the same horizontal cove bit, a large thumbnail bit, and scrapers to blend the profile. The miter joints are reinforced with a biscuit.
    The base carcass is constructed from inch birch plywood and the face frame is attached with biscuits. The drawers ride on Accuride slides and the figured cherry drawer cases are dovetailed with through dovetails.

  Tiger Striped Cherry Panel Tiger Striped Cherry Panel

    The finish is linseed oil and three wiped on coats of thinned polyurethane, which were rubbed out with 600 grit paper and steel wool. Total time on the project was about 50 hours.


. . . Chris Knob



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