WoodCentral turners unite in a dramatic outpouring
of good will for the daughter of a friend.

by Ellis Walentine, Webmaster & Host

    Maybe it has something to do with the woodworking temperament. Maybe it's because many of us have been around the block a few times--some having survived our own bouts with life-threatening illnesses--or that we've got kids of our own and empathize strongly with other families in trouble.
    Whatever the reason, when WoodCentral visitors heard about Kaitlin Dresdner's battle against Hodgkin's disease, it didn't take long for a grass-roots top-a-thon to take shape, spearheaded by Paul Keller and joined by many of our esteemed guests.
    Here, good folks, is a catalog of the amazing turned tops that resulted. Many of the tops were accompanied by personal notes of encouragement and good wishes. This kid has got to wonder where people get all this good will! Here at WoodCentral, we know.
    Thanks to all who participated, not only in the top-turning project, but also with the Kaitlin Dresdner Fund drive initiated by Woodworker's Journal. If faith and charity can make the difference, Kaitlin will certainly be recovering from her illness very soon.

. . . Ellis Walentine

[Hold your mouse over the pictures to see who made the tops.]




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