Lingerie Chest

This seaman uses woodworking to maintain his sanity during leaves by making furniture his wife requests.

SHOP OWNER: Robert Dudley
LOCATION: Chesapeake, VA

    In the Navy we have little time at home and when we are out at sea, we stay busy. This is what my wife dreads. See, when I come home I need something to do or I will go nuts. So my wife decided to take full advantage of this minor disability.
    This lingerie chest is made of soft maple. I used poplar for the drawer sides. The feet are homemade, using a band saw to make the pattern and then a pattern bit on my router to cut out the rest of the feet. Jewelery Storage

    The top lifts up to reveal a place for rings and other assorted pieces of jewelry. The blue flocking is done with a kit purchased from Woodworker's Supply and it worked very well. Just make sure you seal the wood prior to applying the glue or the wood will absorb it before you can even blink. All of the dividers are just 1/4" birch, notched and glued together.

  Dovetail Joint

    All the drawers are dovetailed, for looks mainly, and all the drawer dividers have sliding dovetails for strength and looks. The chest is finished in a water-based dye and then topped off with four coats of gloss polyurethane and one coat of furniture wax.
    My wife has not seen the finished product yet but I am guessing it will be a hit in more than one way. 
Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetpea!!!

. . . Robert Dudley



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