Kentucky Coffee Tree Floor

All Hands On Deck
A hands-on approach yields some beautiful hardwood flooring.

SHOP OWNER: David Maudlin

    Here are some shots of the new wood floors I recently completed. The flooring in the hallway is Kentucky coffee tree. A local mill had sawn the lumber and found that they had no market for the small quantity they had. They let me have what I needed for 50 cents a foot.
    The flooring in the bedroom is wormy soft maple. It was bound for the pallet mill and I bought a bundle of about 400 feet for $100 a few years ago and air-dried it in the loft of my barn. Wormy Soft Maple Floor

    I planed all the wood with my Dewalt 733 planer, and then ripped it on my Delta contractors saw. The maple was cut into two inch widths, and the coffee tree was cut into three inch widths. I bought a tongue and groove set from Jesada and used my router to mill tongue and grooves in it. The planks were moved into the house and allowed to stabilize to about 6% moisture content before installing them. I rented a floor stapler and sander and finished with polyurethane.
    For a person like myself, who had never done anything like this before, it was a major undertaking. I have less than $300 invested in both floors. The whole job took about four months of working in my spare time, but I think the finished product was worth it.

. . . David Maudlin



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