Ed's chess table

A Game of Kings and Queens
Brazilian rosewood and maple veneer squares make up this chessboard.

SHOP OWNER: Ed Baranowski

    This is my second entry to Shop Shots. You have my Wash Stand posted (which is a big seller at our shows). I thank you for the hard work in keeping this site alive!
    Pictured is my first attempt at veneering - a Brazilian rosewood/maple chessboard with a walnut chess table. The rosewood makes up the dark squares and border, while the maple makes up the light squares. All squares are two inches as well as the border. I also added a diamond designed mahogany and maple inlay between the playing squares and the border.
    The table is made in a Shaker style with tapered legs. I have a homemade tapering jig and set it up so that the inside taper begins seven inches from the top of the leg and ends of an inch at its bottom. Only two sides are tapered. I cleaned up the cut marks on the jointer.
Ed's chess table

      It includes a felt lined, sliding drawer to store the pieces. The drawer opens to the player's side for easy use. For a decorative touch, I also routed a small bead on the bottom edge of the aprons. Of course, all the legs are joined using mortise and tenon joints. The legs receive inch mortises, inch deep and cut about inch from the edge of the leg to allow a small reveal in the apron. The aprons have inch tenons along with a slot, cut with a saw blade, inch from the top to allow for table fastening clips.
    I've also made a board and table for myself out of solid oak and maple. I used stair balusters for legs since I do not have room in my shop for a lathe. The chessboard makes a fine gift for anyone and is easier to make than I thought.

. . . Ed Baranowski



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