Cathy's Sewing Box

Coming Up Roses
The marquetry on this sewing box is a sure winner.

SHOP OWNER: Danny Bingham
LOCATION: Mackinaw, IL

    My wife had wanted a sewing box to hold some of her quilting supplies and embroidery thread. I wanted to try my hand at some more marquetry work. Specifically, I wanted to try roses. At about the same time, I learned my local lumber supplier, Woodworker's Shop, was having a box-building contest. So, I decided to try to complete a box in time to enter the contest. Top Close Up

    The idea for a circular vine with roses toward the center and stems toward the outside was inspired from pictures of Baltimore album quilts. These were used to tell a family history, kind of like a photo album. The ladies that made them used fancy appliqué techniques to make baskets, wreaths, etc.
    The box is made from mahogany. The panels are maple, with the leaves and vines of the climbing rose being orientalwood. A couple of slivers of poplar were added as highlights. The roses are pieces of pearwood, bubinga, makore, pommele sapele, and bits of koa. Slivers of orientalwood were used to define the petals in the smaller roses. I tried to keep the vine continuous around each side of the box, but I hurried the project and cut some of the panels wrong. It still looks okay but not exactly what I wanted. Rose - Inside Lid


    The inside was left unfinished, since my wife could not decide how the interior was to be arranged. On the inside of the lid there is a large rose. The petals are makore and sand shaded pearwood. The main stem is poplar, and the leaves and smaller stems are orientalwood.
    I felt very fortunate to win the "Artistic Impression Prize" for this box.

. . . Danny Bingham



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