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Fred Schock's Display Case

A Case For Medals
This walnut case displays the many achievements of a good friend and musician.

SHOP OWNER: Fred Schock

    A couple of years ago, a good friend asked if I would make him a display case for the medals he's received while playing concerts internationally, presenting master classes, and serving as a jurist for piano competitions.



    Because we live hundreds of miles from one another, we had to do most of our planning over the Internet. The first step, obviously, was to see the medals and to get the dimensions for each.
Fred Schock's Display Case


    With that information in hand, I proceeded to do some preliminary sketches and, in time, offered a rectangular case, a framed glass top, and tapered legs. The simplicity of the design is to keep one's attention focused on the contents, not on the case. The result can be seen in the picture on the left.
Fred Schock's Display Case


    Keeping in mind that it had to be shipped, and that I preferred not to send it assembled, I constructed the display case so that my friend could easily assemble the parts using just a wrench and a screwdriver. Parts were labeled and marked alphabetically to insure the correct order of assembly.
Velveteen Background


    The case has a walnut bed, which can be covered with black velveteen as an option. This provides for whichever background shows the medals best. The top fits into the case and is held by gravity alone.

. . . Fred Schock




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