Jason Falejczyk's Poker Table

A woodworker's gamble pays off.

SHOP OWNER: Jason Falejczyk

     I received a call one day from a friend who was at a local furniture store. He asked me to come and take a look at a poker table he intended on buying. Knowing that I made furniture, he was counting on me to give an honest evaluation on its construction and design.
    Now, this store is all of two minutes away from my house, but, in that time, I decided I was going to build a poker table for him instead of letting him buy one. So when I arrived, I quickly told him that the table was not worth the asking price, and began giving him my pitch. After a little convincing (a.k.a. begging), he gave me the ok to build one. Pictured here is the outcome.
    The table was actually a gift for another mutual friend. It was supposed to be a surprise, but since we wanted to make sure he liked it, he had to be included on the design.
Jason Falejczyk's Poker Table

    Ultimately we ended up with a six-sided table. Unlike the store bought versions, the top does not flip. By eliminating this option, I was able to make extra deep drink holders and a removable center felt area. There was also supposed to be a hidden drawer (false apron on one side) for the poker chips and money bank, but time and resources nixed that idea. (Actually...I messed up!)
    The table is built predominantly from 5/4 red oak, with solid 8/4 for the legs. The finish is a gel stain followed by several coats of polyurethane, rubbed out with steel wool and wax. The felt is a high quality billiards cloth.
    If you're interested in seeing more pictures, please feel free to visit my web site. My poker tables can be found in the Gallery, under Tables and Desks.

. . . Jason Falejczyk

Jason Falejczyk's Poker TableJason Falejczyk's Poker Table



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