Monster Jointer

Oliver #12 may still be the ultimate jointer of all time...

SHOP OWNER: William Kerfoot

    This is an Oliver #12 20-in. jointer that I sold to Hopewell Millwork in Oxford, PA. It is a patternmaker's jointer with an infeed table that can tilt up to 5% in relationship to the cutterhead axis. This feature allows patternmakers to put the draft on patterns so they can be removed from the mold.

     The overall bed length is nine feet--okay only 106 inches!--enabling long stock to be straightened more easily than one with shorter bed length. It has a three-knife, five-inch-dia.cutterhead driven by a 7 1/2 hp, three-phase motor. There are no couplings or belts; the cutterhead shaft and motor arbor are one piece, resulting in the smoothest-running drive made. The fence is nearly five feet long and is tilted by a gear.

     This particular machine was built in 1944 and will still face-joint a board so smooth that it sometimes is held to the out feed table like two sheets of wet glass to each other. I'm not sure if this qualifies for your photo section, but my experience is that most woodworkers, even if they would never buy such a machine, are intensely interested in seeing them. I used to be a woodworker but now restore woodworking machinery. If anyone wants to see more photos of great old machinery, tell them to post a note on the messageboards.

...William Kerfoot

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