Doug Ridley's Cowboy

Carving beats grocery shopping anyday!

SHOP OWNER: Doug Ridley
LOCATION: Gilbertsville, KY

    This cowboy is 16" high and hand carved from sugar pine, a wood native to the northwest coast. I get mine from Oregon.
    When I started to carve this cowboy, I was thinking of an old cowpoke who had just finished his chores and gone to town on Saturday afternoon to tell a few tall tales and relax. But, he came out more like the proverbial drugstore cowboy who has to have a wife who works at the courthouse in order to support his lifestyle. Reminds me of the old song, "Don't Call Him A Cowboy, Until You See Him Ride".
Doug Ridley's Cowboy
Doug Ridley's Cowboy

    I actually did most of this work by hand with nothing but a knife as I sat on the back of the car while Mary was grocery shopping. When passers-by ask how long it takes, I usually tell them "about 10 trips to Wal-Mart."
    I did a little finish-up at home, then turned him over to my wife Mary to paint. Mary paints with oils, as she says they are easier to blend and they age nicely. She achieves the highlights by putting the paint on and gently rubbing with a soft, lint-free cloth to create the desired color.

. . . Doug Ridley



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