Dano Jennings' Screen Door

A custom screen door with a nautical finish.

SHOP OWNER: Dano Jennings
LOCATION: Klamath Falls, OR

    During one of the chat sessions a while back, someone asked about a screen door that I had completed. He asked me to post the picture and I said I would try. Anywho, here are two photos of the door.
    The door frame is 1-in.-thick, clear Western red cedar, with pegged mortise-and-tenon joinery. The pegs are Philippine mahogany. The frame is glued together with Devcon two-part epoxy. I made the arch in three separate pieces joined with bridle joints and epoxy.
Detail Shot Kick Panel

  The kick panel that floats in the lower part of the frame is made of tongue-and-grooved pieces glued up with TiteBond II. The "sun" is a piece of 25+-year-old Western red cedar that I had lying about the shop. I chose it for the interesting grain pattern around the knot, which reminded me of the red cirrus clouds you sometimes see at sunset. I used birch for the moulding around the kick panel, and the screen retainer is red oak.
     I finished the door with six coats of Zinsser Bullseye Clear shellac (uncut) as a sealer for the sun, and then 10 coats of brushed on Interlux Schooner Varnish (traditional high-gloss spar) on the entire door with the exception of the screen retainer where I used boiled linseed oil. The pictures do not show the depth of the finish which is stunning, IMHO. However, in the close-up you can see the reflection of the trees that were behind me when the picture was taken.
    I will admit to the final fitting and installation as being somewhat of a bummer; the decking slopes up away from the house and the door opening was considerably out of plumb and square. The important thing, though, is that the client is very happy with the door and has given me two more commissions.

. . . Danford "Dano" Jennings



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