Mike Baratta's Crib

A woodworker is born, and soon another

SHOP OWNER: Mike Baratta
LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH

    I am a beginning woodworker and have been at it about six months. I have done projects mostly for my basement shop to this point and was considering my options for my first piece. At about the same time, my wife became pregnant with our firstborn. Naturally, I considered what sort of baby-room pieces I could do and settled on a cradle.
    I bought a set of plans at the local shop but my wife was not thrilled with the design. So I used the general dimensions and took her ideas to create my own design.
Mike Baratta's Crib

    The cradle is built of cherry. The box consists of glued up boards that are joined with box joints. The rocker section is designed to be removed from the box. It's simply held together by dowels. Also the legs are a bit of a knock down construction being held together by wedged tenons through the stretcher.
    The piece is finished with three coats of a tung oil/urethane with a light sanding between coats.
    I don't know how many hours it took me. I had a significant learning curve with the box joints on a table saw. I made a jig (twice) and then put a micro-adjust feature on it to finally get the accuracy I needed to minimize the stack-up across the 14" length of the joints. But I had a lot of fun building it and am looking forward to building my next couple of projects. I guess I'm hooked at this point.

. . . Mike Baratta




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