Dano's Router Table

A sturdy, space-saving solution from scrap.

SHOP OWNER: Dano Jennings
LOCATION: Klamath Falls, OR

     Periodically I see questions pertaining to router tables on the board and in the chat room. Thought I would share my set up.
     This is a shot of my router table using Porter Cable's 691 RS table top and scrap from a kitchen that I remodeled. The frame of the cabinet is 4/4 birch. The "extensions" are 3/4-in. Baltic birch plywood. I used 3/4" MDF for the top, back and bottom of the storage cabinet to provide additional dampening. I gave the MDF three coats of polyurethane as a sealer.
   The sides and front of the cabinet are 3/4-in. plywood that I salvaged from old kitchen cabinets that I replaced. The cabinet, which is attached to the extension wing of my tablesaw, has has two 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" legs of Douglas fir with 3/8" x 2" lag screws for leveling. It is easily detachable if I need the room for something else. The open space under the table facilitates router set up and gives me clamping space for featherboards and various jigs.
     I've used this setup for three years now and it performs very well. For raised panel work, I fabricated a 16" H x 12" D auxiliary fence out of 3/4" Baltic Birch ply. It has bolts and wing nuts located to go through the adjustment slots for the regular fence.

. . . Danford "Dano" C. Jennings




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