Chris Knob's (Wife's) Lingerie Chest

Lingerie chest not exactly a selfless labor of love.

SHOP OWNER: Chris Knob
LOCATION: Wallingford, PA

     This past winter, I had some free time for home projects, so I made this lingerie chest for my wife for her birthday. Unfortunately, my photography skills are way behind my woodworking skills, so these photos do not do the piece justice.
     The carcase is solid hard maple dovetailed together, and the drawer dividers are housed in routed dovetail grooves. The dividers are glued only at the case front to allow movement of the sides. The top is solid birdseye maple.
    The drawer fronts are resawn veneer from a piece of specatcular quilted birdseye maple I picked up out of an offcut pile at Hearne's Hardwoods. When I showed Rick Hearne the finished product, he said, "I hope we charged you a lot for that board!" I had the discretion to say "yeah" and thank him for it.
Drawer Detail

     The veneers finished at about 3/64-in. thick and I got nine of them out of the 4/4 board. The veneers are laminated to poplar fronts, and the sides and backs of the drawers are resawn poplar. I cut the dovetails on a Leigh D4 jig. The solid brass hardware is from Ball and Ball.
     I stained the piece with a honey antique maple, water soluble aniline dye fron Woodworker's Supply. I finished it with four coats of Minwax Quick Drying Gloss Polyurethane thinned 50/50 with naphtha and wiped on with a solf cloth. I rubbed the piece out with 0000 steel wool to a satin finish about a week later.
    My wife has filled the chest with some stuff to die for, so this is ne home project that has paid for itself many times over. Happy Birthday, Honey! (And Happy Birthday to me too!)

. . . Chris Knob




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