David Yoho's Bedroom Furniture

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SHOP OWNER: David Yoho
LOCATION: Mechanicsville, VA

    Here are some photos of a project I recently completed. The chest on chest and single chest replaced some very old pieces of furniture that my wife and I had handed down to us by my parents. I felt it was time for something new, so I set about looking at plans until I found what I was looking for.
    I bought all of the walnut from a lumber yard an hours drive away from us. All of it was rough and had to be run over the jointer before it was planed. The lower chest corner posts and all the ogee feet came from 8/4 stock. All the moldings came from 5/4 stock and everything else was made from 4/4 stock. The drawer sides and backs are made from poplar. The drawer dividers are attached to the sides using sliding dovetail joints.
David Yoho's Bedroom Furniture

     The most difficult parts to make were the lower chest corner posts. They are beveled at 45 degrees with three equally spaced 1/4-inch flutes cut into them. I had to be creative to mill these flutes since no type of router setup I tried would do the job. I finally ended up using a round nosed bit in my drill press to get the job done.
     I've included some detail shots below
of some of the moldings and the feet. A friend suggested I post pictures on my Website documenting the progress of this project. I liked this idea and posted pictures from beginning to end. Anyone interested can see these pictures at: http://home.comcast.net/~davidyoh/chest_on_chest.htm

. . . David Yoho

David Yoho's Bedroom FurnitureDavid Yoho's Bedroom Furniture




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