'Stone' Bench

"Sure, I could knock a couple together for you."

SHOP OWNER: Todd Andre-Colton
LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA

    Recently, both my daughters were part the Thomas Jefferson High School production of The Wizard of Oz. My younger daughter, Erin, was a munchkin and main scenery painter. Caitlin headed the run crew, and was given the job of procuring a number of items, including two recycled plastic "stone" benches.
     Unfortunately, none of the outdoor stores had the benches available yet. It was then that I uttered those fateful words, "I could knock a couple together for you ...."
     Sixteen hours later, we had two of the model shown in the picture. It is made of three torsion boxes composed of two skins of 3/4-inch ply separated by 2-1/4 inch wide Swedish #2 pine, which came from the straightest boards ever seen in Home Depot. A band of 3-1/2-inch pine to hide the plywood edges completed the boxes.
    Why torsion boxes? Stone benches are solid, and the seating at the TJ auditorium gives the front rows a view of the underside of furniture.
    All edges were rounded and slightly distressed to look like worn stone. A finish with Rust-o-leum's granite stone finish completed them. They weighed in at about 40 pounds each, and are sturdy enough to survive a modest nuclear blast.
    It's not the second coming of Duncan Phyfe, but it was fun and worked out well for the play.

. . . Todd Andre-Colton

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