Alan Young's Music Stand

Hidden coins convey a wish for long life.

SHOP OWNER: Alan Young
LOCATION: Ypsilanti, MI

    This is a music stand I designed and built. I was sold at an auction to benefit the Boychoir of Ann Arbor. The man who bought it is a flute player and an orchestral conductor. He is also Israeli by birth; and, after learning of his heritage, I took the stand back to my shop and added a detail especially for him. I'll explain later.
Music Stand Details

    I used solid cherry for the "harp" brackets, cabriole feet and base aprons. The base top and the rest of the stand are made from a stock of T & G cherry flooring. I milled off the tongue and groove from each board and planed them to 7/16 in.
    My plan for finish was at first to just apply an oil, but I knew that the cherry flooring and the solid cherry came from different trees and I wanted the finished to match and age as evenly as possible; so, I first applied a cherry stain, then Minwax Antique Oil Finish and finally a paste wax.

    The special detail I mentioned is the 18 pennies I epoxied to the underside of the base of the stand. The significance of the number 18 was explained to me by a Jewish friend:
    In Hebrew the word for "life" is Chaim (Ch is guttural Kh really), and the word for "live" (as in "Long live the Queen...") is Chai, formed with three letters, chet (=8) and yud (=10), so yud-chet=18.
     So, the 18 pennies are a wish for "long life" the user and I suppose in this case the beautiful sounds that will emanate from the music placed on this stand.... 18 Pennies for Long Life

. . . Alan Young

[EDITOR'S NOTE: For more on this music stand, visit Alan's web page:]




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