Vic Bratton's Drill Press Table

Expanding his drilling horizons.

SHOP OWNER: Vic Bratton
LOCATION: Cinnaminson, NJ

    This is a drill press table I built from MDF laminated with Wilsonart. The table basically gives me a larger working surface and some slots for a hold down and/or stop.
    I searched for what the Internet had to offer, but I didn't like any of the tables for the price. So, I basically made the table to the size of a piece of MDF I had lying around. I used aluminum T-track from Rockler and made the fence from a piece of 2" aluminum angle. I routed a T-track in the wooden fence pieces so I can slide them. The clamp I made can supply just enough pressure to hold your workpiece down but I think I need to redesign it a bit.
    I drilled four 3/4" holes in the top and routed out the 1/2"-deep space for the sacrifical insert. The insert can be easily replaced and can be removed for using drum sanders.
    I installed 3/8" threaded inserts in the bottom of the table so I could bolt it through the original cast iron table.

. . . Vic Bratton




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