Barb Siddiqui's Chess Box

The endgame is an exercise in precision.

SHOP OWNER: Barb Siddiqui
LOCATION: Wenatchee, WA

    Here are two shots of what's been keeping me busy lately. This chess box is a Christmas present...note the gold circle on the inside face of the open drawer. That is a Sacajawea 2000 dollar coin to commemorate the date.
    The box is from a plan from Today's Woodworker (Nov/Dec '96), which is now Woodworker's Journal, with back issues still available I believe.
Barb Siddiqui's Chess Box

    I used mahogany and poplar because I had them on hand; and I have to admit, I learned some lessons in precision woodworking in doing this one. The squares are solid 1/2"-thick pieces assembled with 1/4-inch dowels to compensate for wood movement (a Krenov innovation). The finished box is 17 3/4" square and 3 1/2" high.
     The pieces were purchased, not turned or carved, at least not by me. Someday, maybe, in a long deep winter......

...Barb Siddiqui




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