Paul Mosteller's Flicker Lantern

A 'flicker lantern' and a golf-ball stand will brighten someone's Christmas.

SHOP OWNER: Paul Mosteller
LOCATION: Springfield, VA

    Here are some Christmas gifts I've made. The lantern is red oak with golden pecan stain and a polyurethane finish. I had seen a similar lantern at a friend's house and thought it would be fun to make.
     I bought the globe, light fixture, cord, switch, plug, 4 brass screws and a 4-watt flicker bulb at the local hardware store, then built the lantern to fit the parts.
     The base consists of three disks--6", 4 1/2" and 3". The top disk is also 3". The diameters were based on the size of the globe being about 3" at its widest point. I rounded over the top edges on the bottom three disks and both edges of the top disk.
    I used a circle/wheel cutter in my drill press to cut the grooves for the globe. Then I drilled a hole in the center of the 3" bottom disk and made a groove on the underside to mount the light fixture and to route the cord through. I then glued and screwed the bottom three disks together.
     I made a template for the arms from the globe and cut them out on my band saw. I made the arms 1/2" wide so they would sit inside of the roundover of the base, and I attached them with brass screws.
    The key to the lantern is the flicker bulb. It doesn't show up very well in the picture but it gives off a orange glow, real nice this time of year.
Paul Mosteller's Golf Ball Cabinet

The golf ball stand at right is red oak finished with a colonial pine stain and polyurethane. The sides and slats are from 1 x 3s and the top and bottom are 1 x 4s. The back is 1/4" red oak plywood recessed into perimeter of the cabinet.
     I sliced the 1 x 3 in half for the slats, trimmed 1/4" off to accept the plywood back and drilled 7/8" holes spaced about 2 1/4" inches apart for the golf balls. I cut slots in the sides for the slats including the very top and bottom ones; I like the step detail. Maybe next time I'll use a stopped dado for the slats.
     Finally, I rounded over the outside edges of the sides, routed the edge profile on the top and bottom, and put everything together.

...Paul Mosteller




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