Wolf Kiessling's Carving

Busts, dragons and whatever comes to mind.

SHOP OWNER: Wolf Kiessling

    I've been wood sculpting for about seven years. My main areas of concentration are realistic human busts, mythical characters and stylized forms but I will carve other subjects such as realistic animals and various types of relief if they strike my fancy. All of the work shown here is original design except the civil war soldier, which was carved by me but designed by Paula Deveraux.
     The 17"x10" "Abraham Lincoln" bust at left is made from basswood and mounted on a pedestal turned from a salad bowl of indeterminate wood (partially lauan mahogany) that I salvaged from Goodwill.
    The 9"x24" "Imperial Dragon" (below, left) is carved from a single piece of aspen and mounted on an enameled white pine pedestal. The dragon is accented with turquoise inlace and liquid gold leaf.
    The 13"x8" "Civil War Soldier" (below, right) is sculpted from basswood and mounted on a pine base. All three of these pieces are finished with waterborne poly.
Wolf Kiessling's CarvingWolf Kiessling's Carving
Wolf Kiessling's Carving

    This 10 1/2"x18" "Frolic," a stylized mermaid, is carved from a single piece of pecan, mounted on a catalpa pedestal and floated in a bed of turquoise inlace. The piece is also accented with inlace and finished with Danish oil.

Wolf Kiessling At Work

    A year ago I developed a burning interest in wood turning. Here are a few examples of my best work to date. I am not harboring any illusions that they are any good but I am improving all the time. Mainly, though, I really enjoy the activity and that is the main thing.

...Wolf Kiessling

Wolf Kiessling's Turning Wolf Kiessling's Turning Wolf Kiessling's Turning




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