Paul Anthony's Entertainment Center

Purpleheart and maple with Deco detailing.

SHOP OWNER: Paul Anthony
LOCATION: Riegelsville, PA

    My client wanted an entertainment center to accommodate his video and audio equipment, CDs, tapes, and record albums. He wanted the design to have an Oriental flair, and he was very fond of purpleheart wood. He also wanted to pay only an arm, but no leg.
    He was very happy with the solution you see here, made of maple plywood cases and maple veneered MDF doors, with purpleheart edging and door motifs. The system is actually comprised of three cabinets. The shallow upper cabinet accommodates audio equipment and CD's. All of the compartment shelves are adjustable in height, and mounted on "hidden wire" hardware. This upper cabinet is attached to the one beneath it with only two screws. Removing them allows sliding the cabinet forward enough to attach component wires from the rear. The cabinet below houses a TV flanked by compartments for CD's and tapes, with record album storage behind the doors below. The long, left-hand cabinet houses records albums and provides a platform for a record player and a lamp.
End Detail of Entertainment Center

    The door accents are strips of purpleheart let into shallow grooves routed in the MDF panels. The strips, which sit about 3/16-in. proud of the door surface, are lightly chamfered on their top edges. I used MDF for the doors because of its stability and resistance to warpage. The doors are hung on adjustable cup hinges.
    Many thanks to my pal Andy Rae for his help with this project.

...Paul Anthony




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