Presentation Box

A fitting container for a valuable vase.

SHOP OWNER: Ellis Walentine
LOCATION: Springtown, PA

    Here's a box I recently made to hold a "carnival glass" vase that the customer will be presenting to an important business associate in Japan in a couple weeks. I wasn't really looking for the work; but since I don't have a tablesaw or a jointer, the prospect of making something entirely with hand tools was irresistable.
    The box is 6 3/8-in. wide by 15-in. long by 6 1/2-in high and is made of 3/8-in.-thick, wavy flatsawn cherry. It is lined with Port Orford cedar, which gives off a sweet cedar aroma when the box is opened. All the dovetails are hand-cut.
Box with Treasure Inside
    Inside the box is a simple Port Orford cedar skeleton that suspends the vase at two points. It consists of two lengthwise strips of cedar crosslapped shoji-style with two perpendicular support pieces. I lined the semi-circular cutouts in the supports with a plush green fabric. The support skeleton can be removed if the owner wants to use the box for something other than this vase.
Top Detail

    The top and bottom of the box float in grooves in the sides. They are pinned through the tenons with 1/16-in.-dia. rosewood pins that I chiseled from a scrap that was lying around.
    All in all, I had a ball making the piece, using mostly chisels, planes and handsaws, and the customer was delighted. Hmm. Maybe I'll take up woodworking again. Maybe I'd better; now my wife wants a box like this one. :^]

...Ellis Walentine, Host




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