Bob Berner's Shaker Tray

A dazzling twist on a classic.

SHOP OWNER: Bob Berner
LOCATION: Allentown, PA

    Here is a shot of a Shaker oval tray I made for my wife as an anniversary present. The bottom is bookmatched birdseye maple and the band is soft maple. I used copper tacks to hold the rim to the bottom.
    To make the rim, I sawed a strip to about 1/8-in. thick on my table saw and hand planed it to about 1/16" final thickness. I soaked it in hot water with some fabric softener added for about an hour before bending it around the tray bottom.
    The tray is finished with boiled linseed oil (many coats on the bottom and two on the rim) and paste wax. I finished the bottom of the tray prior to attaching the rim; it just seemed easier that way.
    Thanks go to fellow board member Art Silva for resawing and gluing up the birdseye maple bottom. I needed to get this finished--it was an anniversary gift and we need to give our gifts on time--before I had the funds to by a bandsaw. Now I have my bandsaw ;).

...Bob Berner




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