The Road to Ramona

Carol Reed hosts the first Southern California WoodCentral get-together.

by Ellis Walentine

    It was yet another perfect Southern California day as I pointed my borrowed car eastward from the breezy coastal town of Cardiff, where I had been staying, to the foreboding hills of Escondido in the distance. From there, a torturous ride up through a canyon that looked for all the world like a lunar landscape brought me at last to the baked, cactus-encrusted town of Ramona, which could have passed for something out of "Gunsmoke" except for the wide boulevard that ran right up its center. It's hard to imagine that Ramona is only about 30 miles from the Pacific Ocean.
City Limits

    This sleepy, sun-drenched outpost is the home of my good friend and WoodCentral regular Carol Reed, who was kind enough to host the first-ever WoodCentral gathering, on just a week's notice at her home and shop at the outskirts of town. The small but amiable group of friends and WoodCentral supporters that attended was treated to an in-depth tour of Carol's well-equipped barn/shop followed by a delicious pot-luck afternoon meal, and some lively conversation about woodworking and WoodCentral.
Woodworking Friends

Del Cover, Howard Jackson, Patrick Edwards, Frosine Jackson, Ron Bart, Carol Reed, Lynn Dosier, Groucho Marx, Bill Dosier, Ron MacKenzie, Laurie MacKenzie.
Everything In Its Place

    Carol's shop is a monument to the efficient use of space (although I suspect she had been cleaning up for days). Occupying the ground floor of a 24 x 32-ft. barn, the shop has just about every machine you could want, and more. Carol cobbled several of the machines, storage units, extension tables and space-saving solutions together herself.Woodworking Friends
Carol and Her Shop Bot

    The focal point, of course, is her computer controlled Shop Bot CNC router, which consumes about 50 square feet of floor space. With it, Carol is able to cut out parts--to a tolerance of +/- .002 in.--for her growing line of router jigs and gizmos. What a handy tool to have around!
Pat Edwards

    I was surprised and delighted to see my friends Pat Edwards and Del Cover at the picnic. For those of you who don't know Pat, he is one of the most accomplished marquetry craftsmen on the planet, and the only American approved by the famous Ecole Boulle in Paris to teach their marquetry methods. Del, for his part, is a wonderful craftsman in his own right, concentrating on whimsical sculptural pieces. He is currently working with a well-known designer to create an entire park environment.
Headin' Home

    A good time was had by all, as they say. I appreciate Carol's hospitality and I hope there will be many more WoodCentral reunions there and elsewhere. It's a great feeling to finally put faces with e-mail addresses.

...Ellis Walentine




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